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   Whether you have pre-existing mold damage from years of excessive humidity in a crawlspace or basement, or a small bathroom leak that when was spotted revealed fungi growth, we have the solution for you. Not only can we treat and preserve/salvage drywall, joists, and sub floor with our process, but in the event when we must tear out drywall, trim, vanity's, etc, Atlantic Water Damage can repair, install and rebuild these affected areas too! This way you deal with one reliable professional company from start to finish. We explain everything from step 1-10 upfront and answer all and any questions/concerns you may have. In addition, our company policy is to work with the customer giving you complete control of what options and selections work best for you and your family. Always take immediate measures and steps to prevent the favorable environment for mold, but Atlantic Water Damage llc has some of the best prices in New Jersey guaranteed when mold removal services are needed.

   Mold spores can grow within a 48 hour period if the right elements are set in place. Toxic molds can increase your susceptibility to a wide variety of diseases by weakening your immune system. Some molds live in temperatures below freezing, and some like it as warm as 122° F.  Molds primarily thrive and become a problem when the relative humidity level is above 60% with temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees  F. (10 to 32 degrees C.)  and a pH from 3 to 8. Molds also tend to be more robust in poorly ventilated areas with little air movement to disrupt their growth.

   Some times people have a leak and try to tackle it themselves. Without the everyday experience of a qualified technician and not having the proper detection tools for moisture, leaves the average ( Joe ) clueless and unaware of the probable dangers that will surface. Anytime you have water damage you should contact a Professional company to Mitigate. If dried quickly with the proper equipment, the chances of any growth will be highly unlikely. Special antimicrobial chemicals leave a sanitized pre loss state. We use an antimicrobial chemical with a residual affect for up to several months.

   Strict step by step procedures must be followed in order to restore your structure to a pre loss state. Hepa Negative Air Filtration Systems (air scrubbers) scrub the air. Commercial dehumidifiers reduce the moisture in the air to reduce the favorable environment. Hard surfaces are hepa vacuumed then wiped with an antimicrobial spray and then repeated with a hepa vacuum. Structural wood in crawlspace can be sealed with a primer to resist moisture and mildew if there is an ongoing moisture problem in a crawlspace.
   Careful attention must be taken to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination of other rooms or areas. This involves sealing up the working area and carefully discarding all non salvageable items and debris. Special personal protective equipment must be worn at all times to allow the technician to safely operate under these conditions.

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   Very affordable pricing. Give us a call and lets talk about your problem. We are here to answer your calls, and service your residence or place of business around the clock. You will be pleasantly surprised how informative, friendly, and professional your experience will be regarding all your Mold Remediation and Mold Removal needs.